Check In / Check Out

Check In

We can arrange to meet your Tenant at the rental property. We can do this on or before the start of their Tenancy.  At check in we will:

  • Go through the Inventory Report and obtain their signature
  • Show tenants location of meters and take readings
  • Show tenants location of electricity consumer unit
  • Check all safety alarms and explain the tenants are responsible for maintaining e.g. changing batteries
  • Hand over the property’s keys should you require us to do so

Check Out

We visit the rental property at the end of the Tenancy either with or without the Tenant present. At check out we will:

  • Fully inspected the property
  • Note any differences between the present condition and that described on the Inventory Report which was compiled before the start of the Tenancy
  • Detail the condition and cleanliness that the property has been left in after tenancy end
  • Note any items broken, damaged or missing
  • Take meter readings 
  • If the Tenant is present, we can accept the return of keys
  • Digital delivery via email to contacts e.g. landlord, tenants

I have lost the original Inventory compiled at the start of the tenancy – can I still have a check-out completed?

We can compile a statement of condition report, detailing the present condition of the property and note any items damaged or broken with photographic evidence.

The Inventory report was complied by another provider, do I have to go to them for the check-out?

No, we can use any providers Inventory to reference a check-out report.  In fact we go one step further to make it really clear for anyone reading the report.  At no additional cost we transcribe and reference the original Inventory Report so a clear comparison can be made.

I just want to see what has changed from the original Inventory to the check-out?

We can help with that.  Anything changed is highlighted with a yellow flag.  You can even request a changes only report which only shows those items.

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