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Inventories for Agents

We offer services to managing agents, universities and social housing companies across the region.

Do your landlords question the costs of your chosen Inventory supplier?

Following the tenant fee ban and transparency of fees we have had an increase of landlords coming direct to us for inventory quotations and services.  Questioning the high fees being charged by their managing agents chosen Inventory Provider and the value they are getting from their management agent.

Would you like to save costs on your inventory provision?

We offer competitive pricing along with many features which take some of the administration burden away from you – letting you get on with your core business. 

  • Online booking system
  • Reports delivered directly to landlords and tenants on completion
  • Digital signatures and automated chasers
  • Tracking and audit trail of reports when delivered to show that reports have been sent and emails opened – even if the document is not signed
  • Tenant digital comment and photo uploads

Are your landlords expecting a professional, detailed, cost effective Inventory Service from you?

We use the leading inventory reporting tool Inventory Base to complete all our reports and use a highly experienced team of clerks.  By harnessing the very latest in technology we are able to offer an easy to use service both for agents, tenants and landlords.

Do you want fast delivery of Inventory Reports?

Our reports are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection being carried out at the property.

Are you tired of inaccurate reports with spelling mistakes?

Many of our agents quote this as being on of their main issues with the service they are getting from their incumbent provider.  Our reports are reviewed and run through a spell checker to ensure they are 100% accurate before they are delivered to the client.

Is saving administration time, printing costs and offering a streamline, digital, paperless service important to you?

We offer a fully paperless service, helping the planet and your business. 

  • All tenant comments and signatures can be collected digitally and are automatically saved within the document. 
  • No more filing cabinets full reports with scribbled tenant notes!
  • No more printing off large reports with coloured photos at high cost prior to check in!

You can opt in or out of these services at any time.

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